DND Email is developed with love in San Francisco. Questions? Please contact us at

Overview Video

I have installed the extension, but I don’t see how to turn it on.

Open Look for the TURN DND ON button below the COMPOSE button. Click the TURN DND ON button to start the sign in process.

The first time you click the TURN DND ON button, you will need to sign into Google and authorize DNDEmail. You must approve the permissions DNDEmail needs in your Gmail in order for the extension to work.

We do not read or download your email. We need permissions to add and remove labels from your Gmail in order to manage the do not disturb the process.

After the first login/authorization, you have to click TURN DND ON one more time. This will now give you the dialog box to activate DND Email.

Manually Removing DNDEmail

Note: If you removed the DNDEmail Chrome Extension WITHOUT turning off DND, you may need to manually disable DNDEmail.

To manually disable DNDEmail:

1. Go to then look for DNDEmail in the list, click it, then click REMOVE.
2. In Gmail, you may also want to delete a label called “DND-INBOX”