Improve your productivity by keeping your Inbox clean. DNDEmail keeps your Inbox empty — delivering your new messages on demand or on a schedule.

That allows you to focus on your To Do list, rather than incoming emails. Set it and forget it — within a week you will break the habit of checking your Inbox too often.

Use DNDEmail to focus on your To Do list, rather than incoming emails. Set it and forget it — within a week you will break the habit of checking your Inbox too often.

DNDEmail works by holding your emails out of your Inbox. It delivers the emails to your Inbox on the schedule you specify or on-demand. Otherwise, your Inbox stays clean and empty.

For example, turn DNDEmail on by default and have it only deliver emails at 8 AM, Noon and 5 PM. Work your email at those times and DNDEmail will keep your Inbox empty. Whitelist important senders so emails from those people come directly to your Inbox.

Video Overview

Current Feature Set

  • Works with Gmail
  • DNDEmail works across platforms: mobile, web, Android, iOS.
  • Allows you to hold all email and deliver at specific time during day or on-demand
  • Can set any delivery time and infinite number of delivery times during day
  • Installs as chrome extension – settings can only be accessed on desktop Chrome (though effect of pausing is on all devices)
  • Ability to set different delivery schedules depending on the day
  • Whitelist Senders: ensure emails from specific people are never held
  • Whitelist labels: ensure emails with specific labels are never held
  • Ability to pause/unpause via mobile device

Do Not Disturb Features Coming Soon

  • Work with other providers (outlook.com, yahoo, generic exchange accounts).
  • IFTTT support: ability to activate or change profiles depending on location, wifi, etc.
  • Autoresponder only sends notification the first time someone emails you, not each time they send you an email
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning to determine which emails should not be paused.
  • Drop emails to inbox button. Moves emails to inbox one time without turning off pause otherwise. Avail in Gmail or via a mobile app.
  • Automatic hold on holidays
  • Allow special “don’t hold” threads: allow user to prevent specific thread from being blocked for 24, 48 hours, etc. enable through chrome ext
  • Can set up autoresponder to tell people you only view email at specific times during day
  • Ability to pause or unpause for specific number of minutes (rather than schedule)
  • Ability to filter pause based on “to” address (ie: allow personal emails through but hold work ones).
  • Create different schedules for holidays.

Pro Filters Coming Soon

  • Time-based: turn certain filters on/off based on time of day, the day of the week, holiday, etc.
  • Geo-based: turn certain filters on/off based on location – or entering, leaving location
  • Apply filters to emails received in the past: ie: delete emails in the “Delete” folder if they are 2 days old or more
  • Forward email to external email address
  • Export a list of “from” email addresses (all email you have received): All, or for some label combination
  • Block sender and fully delete (so you will never see the email)
  • Track sent emails that have never received a reply
  • Emails you received but have not replied to
  • Filter based on “x-header” in message headers. Any random x-header
  • Create and manage regular filters via the mobile app/interface.
  • auto forward when a label is applied.