DNDEmail is a full featured do not disturb client for your Gmail.

Less Email = More Productivity

Improve your productivity by keeping your Inbox clean. DNDEmail keeps your Inbox empty — delivering your new messages on demand or on a schedule. That allows you to focus on your To Do list, rather than incoming emails. Set it and forget it — within a week you will break the habit of checking your Inbox too often.

Works with Gmail

DNDEmail works across platforms: mobile, web, Android, iOS.

Allows you to hold all email and deliver at specific time during day or on-demand

Set different schedules for every day of the week: for example, a weekday schedule and a different weekend schedule

Can set any delivery time and infinite number of delivery times during day

Installs as chrome extension – settings can only be accessed on desktop Chrome (though effect of pausing is on all devices)

Ability to set different delivery schedules depending on the day

Whitelist Senders: ensure emails from specific people are never held

Ability to pause/unpause via mobile device Do Not Disturb Features

Less Email = More Productivity

Ready to try it out? Why not? It’s free!