How to Setup a Custom Domain on Gmail

For the millions of people who love the idea of using the Gmail interface in many aspects may look for way to use their Gmail with the own domain for free. Sometimes using the doesn’t look very professional and looks very amateur, especially if your trying to make your domain appear as if it has some substance. I’m sure there are many different solutions for setting up your own domain on Gmail for the long-term. If you opt to sign up for Google for Nonprofits, this solution is free for you to set up you domain on Gmail. Read more

5 Reasons Why Gmail is the Best Free Email Service

Gmail is one of the best and leading free email services that much of the world uses. With millions of users, using Gmail provides users with tons of features that makes the each email experience more productive. When using Gmail you can make labels for your emails, filter emails, chat, make phone calls, change themes to one you like and so much more. Its very advantageous having a Google Gmail account as the free email inbox allows you a large capacity up to 15 GB just for your emails. Read more

How to Login to Your Gmail Account

Gmail is one the most popular free email clients in the world. With millions of users and new users signing up everyday, it’s good to know your login options for using Google Gmail email accounts. The account is very simple to login and use, but there are many different ways in which you can login to Google Gmail and access your inbox. Reading below this step by step  guide will let you know the many methods that you can use to sign into your Gmail account. Read more

How to Setup Gmail on Your Android Phone

Setting up a Gmail account on your Android phone provides you seamless Google features on your phone. With the Google account you can easily log into various applications, online games, YouTube and other social media accounts. Having a Gmail account will enable you to automatically login to many integrated account platforms with ease. Reading further will show your the essential steps for setting up a Gmail account on your Android phone. Read more

How to Solve the Too Many “Direct / None” Referrers Problem in Google Analytics

Does your Google Analytics Acquisition report show “Direct / None” traffic as a top source of referral traffic? If so, you likely have improperly configured Google Analytics. Read more

How To Enable “Do Not Disturb” on your Gmail Account

Visit, click Sign up. This will open the “Set Schedule” page.
**** If you haven’t signed up, you’ll be directed to Google sign in process. Read more

How To Enable “Do Not Disturb” on your Gmail Account with Chrome Extension

Step 1: Open and scroll at the bottom, then click Download. Read more

How to Set Up 2 Factor Authentication for Your Gmail Account

What is two-factor authentication?

Otherwise known as two-step verification, the two-factor authentication(2FA) is a security measure provided to the users of many login platforms to verify who they are. The two-factor authentication gives you the second layer of security that you need for keeping hackers from gaining access to your devices and other online accounts. Because your passwords may not be strong enough, at times you have to take the extra preventative steps in securing your devices and online accounts, by adding the two-factor authentication. Read more

How do I Manage Email and Not Let it Manage Me?

I recommend turning on do not disturb for your inbox. That will keep your inbox silent and you will only have new messages on the schedule you set. Read more

5 Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Gmail Account

As millions of people use Gmail inbox accounts on a daily basis, they may not be aware of some tricks that can help them to achieve more productivity with their Gmail email accounts. Certainly anyone who has a hectic Gmail account wonders if there are solutions to make their Gmail account more tranquil and easy to handle. There are many proven tricks with effective methods that ultimately helps people that are trying to get the most out of using their Gmail accounts. Read more