How To Create Your New Gmail Account

Since you can only have one Gmail account for each Gmail account that you set up, it is a quick and simple set up to get a Gmail account up and running. With that being said, you are enabled to set up more than one Gmail account if necessary, just on separate set up accounts. In order to create a brand new Gmail account, you definitely have to create a new Google account for Gmail. Read more

Traction Thinking — Moving the Needle

2017 was the year I launched DNDEmail and signed up our first several hundred users. Those initial users helped me prove there was a real demand for adding do not disturb features to Gmail and inboxes everywhere. And, they helped me improve the first versions of the service to be truly useful for a broad group of productivity-focused people. Read more

You’re Doing Email Wrong — and it is Killing You

Is your email client open right now? Is Outlook open in another window? Gmail in a tab? Do you have two monitors and one is dedicated to email?
What about email notifications? Are they popping up on your screen? Did your phone just buzz? Read more

Incorporating Tim Ferriss’ 2x a Day Email System Using DNDEmail

We as a whole depend on email, we also know it can get overwhelming. To get back in power, Tim Ferriss has put in place the notion of twice a day email checking. In fact, he shows how setting up automated messages that clearly notify senders you just check your messages at specific times of day. He even offers his own particular examples for you to experiment with yourself. Read more

Using Do Not Disturb for Gmail to get to Inbox Zero

Do we fully realize how a lot of email impacts our daily productivity? Ultimately when we need a clear inbox; what we really need is the ability to prevent unnecessary inbound emails to our inbox. This, in fact, will enhance the possibility of getting work done or just to loosen up. Utilizing Do Not Disturb (or DND) is a great approach to keep centered and keep your productivity high. Read more

Improve Your Email Productivity with Batch Processing

The number one way to improve your email productivity is to move to batch processing of your email. Read more

Using TODOIST with Mailplane 3

A brief post to help those who are attempting to use TODOIST with Mailplane 3. Read more

Using Dots (.) in Gmail Addresses

Gmail is ‘dot-blind’ and will ignore any dot in your email address before @ sign. Read more

Advanced Search For Gmail

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 10.25.38 AMGmail offers a powerful search text field. You can use it with just normal keywords, or you can master the Gmail search syntax to really find what you are looking for in the least amount of time. Read more

Quick Tip: Shift-Tab

You TAB, but do you SHIFT-TAB? Read more