How to Enable “Do Not Disturb” on Gmail

Unfortunately, Gmail doesn’t exactly have a “do not disturb” feature built in. But if you really don’t want to get any outside apps or Chrome extensions, you can use the native features available within Gmail. Read more

How to Turn on 2-Step Verification in Gmail

To protect your Gmail account from hacker there are measures that you can take to keep your account secure. Trends have shown that millions of email accounts are compromised each and every year, including Gmail. It is advantageous to the user to start using two-step verification to log into your accounts despite what the account type is. However, this article will teach you how to turn on your 2-step verification which is also known as 2-step authentication for protection of your Gmail account. Read more

Gmail Sign up – Create a New Gmail Account

Gmail is a one of the top and very popular worldwide email clients that are used every day for people to communicate via email. It is advantageous to have a Gmail account so that you can log in to many platforms through your Gmail account. It’s very simple steps that you can take to set up a Gmail account but, you’ll need a mobile device with internet service and a web browser installed on your device or computer. In this step by step guide, it will show you how to setup up a Gmail account and begin using your account in a matter of minutes. Follow these simple instructions to creating a new Gmail account signing up. Read more

Delete a Gmail Account Permanently

If you really need to permanently delete your Gmail account, it’s you can permanently delete your Gmail account if warranted. However before you make the decision of whether or not you longer want to keep your Gmail account, it is recommended that you think very carefully about it, before you actually take the steps to delete your Gmail account. You should know that delete your Gmail account can have some very serious risks.

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Change Your Gmail Password Fastest The Fastest

There are many reasons that you may want to change your Gmail password. A password is the first thing that most people change in their email. Gmail as an email client is one of the most popular email systems in the world but, it is still susceptible to security issues. Changing your password will always ensure that you are keeping up with security measures to keep your account safe. However, a password should always be strong with capitalized letters, numbers and different characters to prevent people from accessing your Gmail account.

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Way to Recover Gmail Password

Even if you’ve forgotten your Gmail password it’s easy to recover it as the Gmail system still has knows your password. Despite how frequently you change your password, Gmail will remember your password even when you’ve forgotten it. If you’re trying to recover your password, this guide will show you steps that are effective for recovering it easily and quickly. The best thing about Google is that you can set a new Google password and still regain access to your Google account if you’ve forgotten the password. Read more

New Features in our June 2018 Release

We have been hard at work adding features that you, our users have requested. This week, our latest release includes some big new features.

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Sign Out of Gmail from All Devices Remotely

Sometimes you may use a number of different devices for personal and work use but, you may forget to sign out of some of the devices if not, all of the devices that you use to access Gmail. For many reasons it may not be safe to leave your account open on any of your devices, especially since you’re at moderate risk for losing important information in and from your Gmail account due to any one of the following such as prying eyes, hacker and more.

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How to Backup your Gmail Emails Fastest

It is very important these days to back up your Gmail emails. With the many vulnerabilities to your Gmail account there are a constant stream of hackers look for weaknesses in email accounts. With a weak account security your Gmail account could become compromised and you could lose most if not, all of your email messages. You could even lose your Gmail account to hackers. In the event this ever happens, you should have a good back up plan to backup your Gmail emails.

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Top 7 Gmail Productivity Tips

Everyone would be better off if they could cut out all the unnecessary, unproductive activities in their day and focus their time on valuable activities. Here are some of our best ideas for Gmail productivity tips. We hope they help you out! Read more