To protect your Gmail account from hacker there are measures that you can take to keep your account secure. Trends have shown that millions of email accounts are compromised each and every year, including Gmail. It is advantageous to the user to start using two-step verification to log into your accounts despite what the account type is. However, this article will teach you how to turn on your 2-step verification which is also known as 2-step authentication for protection of your Gmail account.


The 2-step verification will certainly put up a barrier and make it more difficult for hackers to gain access to your account. As we tend to go forward with technological changes sometimes passwords just aren’t enough to keep us protected from the potential lurkers that are trying to steal information. 2-step verification will work with your login credentials with your password as the extra security measure recommended to protect your account.

What is 2-step verification or 2-step authentication?

This is the extra added layer of security protection for your Gmail account. When you look at 2- step verification it is similar to using your debit card at a checkout and having to enter your pin number to finalize the purchase. However, 2-step verification with Google’s Gmail is that you have to enter a safety generated code to gain access to your Gmail account. When 2-step verification is enabled you must use the authenticator app in order to get into your Gmail account and these codes generator by the app is enter after you enter your password credentials. The app can be downloaded on most of your mobile devices and can be sent through an SMS, Voice call or in most cases, it will usually be given through the Google’s authenticator app.


Despite it requiring an extra step to enter gain access to your Gmail account, the 2-step verification method is highly powerful and crucial for you to use. When using the 2-step verification it effectively elevates your security. It also makes sure that you and only you are logging into the account given that you enter your password and use the generated authenticator codes. However, it is highly recommended that you change your password, especially, if it’s an old password before you turn on the 2-step verification just in case your password has become insecure already.

How to use Google 2-step verification

Google has made it very simple for people to use the 2-step verification system by incorporating it across their different platforms. The system setup is highly simple and effective for Gmail. Google will give you a verification code to register your Gmail account which will be sent via phone and once you’ve received the code you reply and then you’ll be officially enrolled in the 2-step verification. Whenever you sign into a new device you’ll need to apply the code to successfully log in.

How to turn on 2-step verification for Gmail

Turning on or enabling 2-step verification in Gmail is just a click away on a single settings page on Google. turning on 2-step verification will be applicable across all of the Google platforms and will need to be applied to log in to your different devices as well. The 2-step verification is a great doubled layer of security to have. Now, here are the steps to get you started on turning 2- step verification on.


  1. If you’re not logged into Google Gmail, then log in and change your password and then you will have to click on your profile picture which is located in the upper-right hand corner of the account screen and click “My Account.” When you have completed this step then choose on your account page, the “Sign-in & security option.”

  1. After you’ve completed the first step, you will need to select the “2-Step Verification” option under the “Password & sign-in option.”

  1. As you enter onto the next step, it is highly likely that before you make any login changes to your Gmail account, Google might ask you to re-enter your password and sign into your account again.


  1. After proceeding further, now you’ll be able to set up 2-step verification with Google Gmail. Next, you’ll have to click “Get started.”

  1. Next step is to enter your mobile phone number as you’ll need to so you are able to receive SMS messages and/or voice calls your mobile number. It is best to choose the option that you’d prefer and then click “Try it.”

  1. Nearing the finalization of turning on 2-step verification, after you’ve clicked “Try it,” you will receive a text or call with the new code you’ll need to enable 2-Step Verification. Just enter the numbers, also there is no need to add the “G-” prefix, then click “Next.”

  1. The last thing for you to do is click “Turn on” to turn on Google Gmail 2-step verification.

  1. After the verification you will need to get the “Google Authenticator App” or  “Scan” the barcode on your device, tap on “Open” browser and then tap on “OK.” to download the “Google Authenticator App” so that you can generate codes and have the added layer of security and login successfully.

A Google Authenticator Code will generate every 30 seconds giving you a unique and different code every time you log in to your Gmail account. Anyone attempting to log in to your account against your will never gain access to it because the codes are unique to your devices. Since Google has decided to make it secure for you, it is uncertain if we will have to add an additional security layer in the near future as hackers perfect their craft at breaking into anything. However, 2-step verification is safety for you now and you should be taking advantage of it to protect your account.


Now that you’ve protected yourself from the vulnerability of hackers, Google authenticator is one the most popular and best options for 2-step verification for you to use. The Google 2-step verification not only generates free codes at your disposal, but it is usable across many platforms integrated with Google login features. A wide range of services that use 2-step verification includes, Dropbox, Facebook, Microsoft and many more.