Unfortunately, Gmail doesn’t exactly have a “do not disturb” feature built in. But if you really don’t want to get any outside apps or Chrome extensions, you can use the native features available within Gmail.

  • On the computer, you can turn off notifications or close out your Gmail tab. That way, you won’t hear a sound or see the indicator that you’ve gotten a new email message.
  • On your phone or tablet, you can turn off app notifications. You can also turn off sync to keep Gmail from downloading your messages automatically.

These features might work for you, but there are a few problems:

  • If you close out the Gmail tab or disable your mobile notifications, will you remember to open and check it during the day?
  • If you get a super-important email, is there a chance that you could lose it among all the junk and miss an opportunity?

There’s a better way to address these problems!

How to Get WAY Better “Do Not Disturb” Features

If you’re wondering how to enable “do not disturb” on Gmail, the answer lies in an external app like DNDEmail. This app will open up all kinds of opportunities for productivity! Here’s what it has to offer.

  • You can set your inbox on “do not disturb” for most of the day to minimize distraction. To ensure you stay on top of your inbox, you can schedule a time (or several times) throughout the day to receive your emails.
  • You can set a different schedule for each day of the week with advanced custom schedules. This is great if you always have meetings on a certain day of the week, if you always have more emails to answer on a certain day, or if you want to be on “Do Not Disturb” all weekend long.
  • You can whitelist certain contacts or labels to make sure you never miss that super-important email. All emails except for the whitelisted ones will remain on “do not disturb.”
  • You can use DNDEmail on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. While the advanced settings can only be changed from your desktop, you can pause or unpause DNDEmail from all your devices.
  • It’s intuitive and easy for anyone to use.
  • There’s no risk to trying it out, because it’s free!

How to Get DNDEmail

Ready to gain productivity and get a more organized inbox? It’s quick and easy to get DNDEmail and take advantage of all its great features! Take a few minutes to try it out right now. Here’s how to get it:

  1. First, sign into the app here.
  2. Get the Chrome extension so that you can get DNDEmail settings and features right in your Gmail inbox.
  3. Set up your schedule and whitelists, and get ready to be productive!

Photo curtesy of www.CGPGrey.com