Gmail is a one of the top and very popular worldwide email clients that are used every day for people to communicate via email. It is advantageous to have a Gmail account so that you can log in to many platforms through your Gmail account. It’s very simple steps that you can take to set up a Gmail account but, you’ll need a mobile device with internet service and a web browser installed on your device or computer. In this step by step guide, it will show you how to setup up a Gmail account and begin using your account in a matter of minutes. Follow these simple instructions to creating a new Gmail account signing up.

Step 1: Go to Google in your web browser

Once you open up your internet web browser you can then search for Google and go to the Google home-page. Once you’ve reached the Google home-page you’ll need to click at the top right-hand corner of the page in order to sign up. In the internet browser, you can type to reach the Google home-page or sign up page.

Step 2: Creating your new Google account

After you’ve navigated the home-page then you’ll have entered the “Sign up” or “Sign in” section of the homepage. Once you’ve established that you need a new account, you’ll click on “Create an account.” Then proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Setting up your account

When setting up your new Gmail account Google will need some information to complete the application process such as your first and last name and birth-date. You will have to choose a username that is unique to you and not an already used name. Your username will be used before “” and this will be your personalized name for your Gmail account. Gmail will check the availability of your name before they issue it to you. If your username is available, you will type the username in the box and then proceed to fill in the rest of the required information for sign up.


Sometimes your username will be taken and it has happened a lot of times but, if the name that you’ve requested has been taken or is not available, you’ll get an alert saying the name is already taken. Google will provide you with alternative names that are available for usernames. You can use one of the alternative names if you see one that you like or keep typing in alternative names that you really want. you may go through the process a couple of times especially since names are common and popular. After you’ve finalized the email it’s best to make a note that the names are already taken so that you’ll remember they are unavailable.


You have to come up with a password so that you can add a layer of protection to your account and then securely log in to your Gmail account. Since the password is sensitive most of the time. Google will provide you a suggestion to make a strong password. You can often make a strong password by adding capitalized letter, numbers and characters to your password. The best passwords are more than 8 letters and numbers. Also, you can add an existing address when you sign up as a backup account in case you lose your password and, Google will email your other account the password to login to the new account.

Step 4: Verification of your Gmail account

While Google has a privacy policy you will need to “Accept Google’s Privacy and Terms” after you’ve read it fully and agreed to it. After you’ve done this and accept Google’s Gmail privacy policy, they will then ask you to verify your new account.

They will give you the option to send you an SMS or voice call your phone. Choose and then select the option that you want and “Click Continue.” To verify your account likely, most people chose the send an SMS option. However, it is your choice and after you’ve chosen you will enter a new window. When you are in this new window, you have to type in the code that they’ve sent to you via SMS or voice call. Select “Continue” after you’ve entered the code and you’ll have created and set up your Gmail account.

Step 5: Navigating your Gmail dashboard

Once you have completed creating your account, you’ll automatically be redirected to your account’s dashboard and after you have read the information your Gmail account is now ready for you to send and receive emails. While browsing around the page you’ll notice on the left-hand side of the Gmail page that there is an inbox, sent mail, trash and even a compose option so that you can create and send emails from that list. There are so many options to do with Gmail but, this article is to help you create the account first and navigate the inbox.

Step 6: Uploading a profile picture

Now, this option is an optional choice but, it is good to add a profile picture for the authenticity of your account. You can set up your profile picture by clicking on your profile in the top right-hand corner of the page on the profile icon and click “Change” You can choose any picture to upload from your image files whether it’s a picture of you or a logo. If you’re satisfied with the picture that you’ve chosen, then you can select “Set” to keep it as your profile picture until you’re ready for a new one. You can change the picture at any time by simply repeating the steps you’ve done to add the picture.

Once you have completed your setup and created your Gmail account, you use your account for many purposes to keep a line of continuous contact whether it’s for personal or business use. Gmail has many features that are useful for your everyday emailing needs. With that being said if you’ve made it to this point Congratulations on creating your new Gmail account.