If you really need to permanently delete your Gmail account, it’s you can permanently delete your Gmail account if warranted. However before you make the decision of whether or not you longer want to keep your Gmail account, it is recommended that you think very carefully about it, before you actually take the steps to delete your Gmail account. You should know that delete your Gmail account can have some very serious risks.

You will learn in this step by step tutorial, things you’ll need to know and learn about deleting your Gmail account. Sometimes it may not be necessary to fully delete the account but, in other cases it is necessary. This guide will describe to you in detail how to delete your Gmail account. Also, understanding why you want to delete your account is very necessary before you do so. We will also explain to you the consequences that come with deleting your Gmail account.

The warnings of permanently deleting your Gmail account

As in most things, there are consequences but, deleting your Gmail account permanently can lead to serious consequences. You can run into a host of problems but this is just a warning and will show you some of the problems that might arise if you have valuable information in your Gmail account. However, before you delete the account think about it first.


You will lose contact with others:


If you decide to delete your account permanently you will risk losing contact with others, especially, customer and colleagues. The Gmail address that they are used to sending you important emails through will no longer be available. Even if you give everyone the new email address, their maybe some you can’t reach to give the new address to or it is not always certain they’ll write it down or remember it and they may only have the old email address to refer to from a business card.


You won’t have access to your messages:


This is the foremost issue that people have when they delete their Gmail accounts permanently. If you’ve saved any important emails, they will be lost when you delete your email account. Before you deactivate your account it is possible for you to forget about those important messages that you’ve archive months before you deleted your Gmail account.


You won’t be able to reset your passwords for different accounts:


The majority of your accounts are linked to your bank account in a way or another. Accounts that are linked to your Gmail account could include your bank, delivery and other service accounts. If you delete your Gmail account, you will definitely have trouble accessing the different accounts that are associated with your mail account. Now that we got the warnings out of the way, if you have to delete your account, reading below will show you how to delete your account quickly, effectively and above all permanently.

Deleting your Gmail account permanently

Now there may be many reasons as to why you want to permanently delete your Gmail account. You might have been hacked, you may be overwhelmed and receiving too many unwanted messages or something that makes you not want the account anymore. Following are the steps to permanently deleting your Gmail account.

Back up the messages that you need

When deciding to delete your Gmail account. you will need to download any data that is stored. If you’ve already backed up any data then you can delete this step and proceed to the next step.


  1. Enter Google Account Settings.


  1. Then Select option Delete your account or services under the following Account preferences.


  1. You will opt to Delete Products by clicking on Delete Products.



Note: You’re provided the opportunity to Delete Google Account and Data which will remove your entire Google account. It will remove everything including your search history, all of your Google Docs and other services such as AdWords and AdSense and many more Google-based services.


  1. Select which Gmail service you’d like to delete.



  1. Type in your password that’s linked to the account over entering your password.


  1. Then Click Next.


  1. You can Click on the trashcan icon (🗑) next to Gmail.


Note: Please proceed to Follow the Download Data link for a chance to download an entire full copy of your Gmail messages via Google Takeout.


Tip: You also have the option to copy all or most of your emails to another Gmail account or even a new Gmail address.


  1. Enter an email address that’s not linked to the account that you’re closing and then enter an email address into the How you’ll sign in to Google dialog box.


Note: It is most likely that Gmail will have entered the secondary address that you used when you created the Gmail account. This alternative email address that you enter will become your new Google account username.


Also important: Please make sure that you are entering an email address that you have easy access to. You will need this new email address to complete the process of deleting your Gmail account.


  1. Click the option to Send Verification Email.



  1. Open the email from Google (no-reply@accounts.google.com) with the subject “Security alert for your linked Google account” or “Gmail Deletion Confirmation”.


  1. You will have to Follow the Gmail Deletion Confirmation link within the message.



  1. If prompted by Google, you may have to log in to the Gmail account that you’re deleting.


  1. Under Confirm Gmail Deletion you’ll need to Select option Yes, “I want to delete example@gmail.com permanently from my Google Account.”


  1. Click Delete Gmail. Most Importantly, You cannot undo this action. After you’ve clicked this, your Gmail account and messages will be forever gone.


  1. Lastly, Click Done.


If you’ve made it to this point, you’re probably getting ready to permanently delete your account. However, the many reasons that might have lead up to you deleting your account may be numerous. Despite you wanting to delete your account, remember this may affect other accounts that you have to make sure that you carefully take your time and follow this guide step by step so that you delete your account the right way.