Even if you’ve forgotten your Gmail password it’s easy to recover it as the Gmail system still has knows your password. Despite how frequently you change your password, Gmail will remember your password even when you’ve forgotten it. If you’re trying to recover your password, this guide will show you steps that are effective for recovering it easily and quickly. The best thing about Google is that you can set a new Google password and still regain access to your Google account if you’ve forgotten the password.

Recovering your forgotten password

Recovering your password may seem like a difficult feat, especially if you have no idea of how to recover it. To recover your password means that you will be able to access your account and get the important things that you need in your Gmail.  Reading further will teach you how to successfully recover your Gmail password.


When you have to reset your forgotten Gmail password and take measures to recover access to your account: There are many things to know but, make sure that you have a secondary email address which is specified to your Gmail account or don’t log into your Gmail account for at least 5 days.


Step 1. Click Forgot Password that’s located on the Gmail login page. Then, if prompted to do so, you have to type your full Gmail email address over again and then Enter your email on the Account’s generated support page.

Step 2. Then Click Next.


Step 3. Gmail will generate numerous questions that you must answer to try and establish yourself as the rightful owner of the account. For each question: they must be answered accurately for you to gain access.


(It is best to make sure to make note of your answers to question that they will ask after you set up your account in the event you need to answer these question again at a password recovery).


Step 4. Next, Enter your correct answers as you remember them and then you can and click Next or Click Try a different question. You’d Click Try a different question if you’re not able to answer or do not have access to your secondary email address or a phone number as you recovery resource.


Step 5. Gmail will ask you questions


What type of Questions Will Google Ask you to Verify your Gmail Account?


The questions are fairly simple questions and Gmail may ask a list of questions include the following but, not necessarily in the order list below in the image:

Step 6. A previous Gmail password:


Certainly, if you’ve changed your Gmail password at any time and only remember the older password, you can enter it into the system.


Then you will need to enter a Verification code for Google to verify it’s you by using the 2-step verification if it has been enabled on your Gmail account. However, depending on the verification method that you’ve chosen when you had set up for 2-step verification, you will get a code from the following:


Choice 1. Will be a standard SMS text message received from Google with the code that you’ll use with your password.

Choice 2. Is the Google Authenticator App which you will just open the app and get generated codes which change every 30 seconds.



Choice 3. You can get Printed backup codes from Google on your computer or devices.



Step 7. Proceed to Enter the phone number you have entered before for verification if prompted to do so.


Step 8. Since you’ve listed a recovery phone number this number will be used for setting up of account recovery in Gmail:


It will be a mobile phone number and you’ll receive an SMS text message from Google which contains the verification code for you to use.


Step 9. You will definitely need to use your secondary email address for Gmail account recovery:


Proceed to Follow the link in your secondary email account message sent by Google to the email address in order to reset the password to your Google Account.


You can even enter any current email address to receive a verification code from Gmail.


Step 10. Answer the security question for your Gmail password recovery:


You’ll have to Type the answer to your Gmail recovery question which will be followed by the question under the Answer the security question that you added to your account.

Finalizing to set up the account recovery

You are going to Enter the month and year that you’ve you created the Gmail account. Also, If you’ve accessed your Gmail account within the past five days but have not specified a secondary email address, just note that you’ll have to wait definitely for the five days to pass to gain access. After you’ve established yourself as the owner of the Gmail account, Gmail will log you directly into your account.


If you have forgotten the password to your Gmail account it will cause you to be inconvenienced, especially since your Gmail account allows you access to many of online platforms. However, it is very simple to recover your password to your account you’ve forgotten your password.  Recovering your Gmail account password is easy and highly straightforward but, if you’ve forgotten your Gmail password and no longer can access your Gmail account, following the listed steps above in the article will help you to get your account back quickly.