Sometimes you may use a number of different devices for personal and work use but, you may forget to sign out of some of the devices if not, all of the devices that you use to access Gmail. For many reasons it may not be safe to leave your account open on any of your devices, especially since you’re at moderate risk for losing important information in and from your Gmail account due to any one of the following such as prying eyes, hacker and more.

However, there are approaches to take to make sure that you are logged out of your devices.

Importantly to know that in the event that you do lose your devices, it is highly advantageous to know how to log out of your Gmail accounts from a remote device. You remotely log out of your Gmail accounts across all devices if you’ve forgotten to sign out of your account on your devices.

Checking for suspicious activity

Logging out of multiple devices with Gmail is very simple and this article will show you the methods you need to take to effectively sign out of all of your devices remotely. In the event that you’ve Gmail logged in on another computer, you can be able to spot suspicious activity. Gmail has a way of informing you that you have suspicious activity on your Gmail account. There are many positives to this but, what you’ll really want to know is how to find this suspicious activity so you can review it from your Gmail account.


Logging into your Gmail account on a home computer and scrolling down past your account inbox to the bottom right of the screen is where Gmail will show a display of the last time you logged into your account or if it was logged into by any other locations other than your know locations. You can Click the Details link and you will see all of the IP addresses. All of these IP addresses will show you where your account has been accessed and who has been on your account. If someone other than you logs into your Gmail account from a suspicious location then Google will send you alerts of suspicious activity.

Remotely sign out of Gmail devices for desktop and laptops

As most people are heavy Gmail users, there may be more than one occasion where we all forget to log out of our Gmail accounts. With the increase of security measure taken by Google, they often update with ways to keep our accounts safe and how not to be vulnerable with Gmail security issues. If you follow the steps below you will learn how to log out of your Gmail account across your different devices from one device.


Step 1. You can Access our account for Gmail by going directly to


Step 2. You’ll need to Scroll down to the bottom of the Gmail inbox window, and there you’ll see “Account Details.” This will be in very small print at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, so be sure not to miss it.


Step 3. Proceed to Click on “Details”


You will notice all of your active Gmail sessions which will be displayed.


Step 4. Next, you will have to Click on “Sign out of All Web Sessions” and this will log you out of Gmail web sessions and any other Google sessions.

Step 5. Last, Sign out of your Gmail account.


Note: You’re going to have to re-log into any Gmail sessions with your Google username and password. This will help you to regain access to your devices. This action will log you out from all Google-based sessions. However, all mobile devices which typically access Google Drive and Mail using Apps will still be logged into your account since it’s linked to the Apps.

Remote sign out on your smartphones

Since the instructions above provides you methods for remote sign out for “Web Sessions,” if you’ve misplaced or lost your phone and have to log out of any Google Apps, you’ll need to follow the steps below:


Step 1. You have to Access your Google Account / Privacy settings by navigating to the website


Step 2. Next, You’ll see “Sign-in & security” click “Device activity & security events.”

Step 3. There will be a list of recently used devices. You will have to Click “Review Devices” to view more details about any web sessions.

Step 4. Then Click Sign out of google apps smartphone remotely


Generated through the list that appears, proceed to find the devices you may want to remotely remove access for on Google Apps and then click the name of the mobile device.


Step 5. Lastly, Click on REMOVE to revoke access to the mobile device. remotely.

Signing out of Gmail for all of your devices is important for your account security. It is best to make sure that you know all access locations that have accessed your account, as well Following the steps above will help you to log out of all of your devices remotely even if you are still logged in at different locations.