It is very important these days to back up your Gmail emails. With the many vulnerabilities to your Gmail account there are a constant stream of hackers look for weaknesses in email accounts. With a weak account security your Gmail account could become compromised and you could lose most if not, all of your email messages. You could even lose your Gmail account to hackers. In the event this ever happens, you should have a good back up plan to backup your Gmail emails.

A lot of people who use Gmail often use it for important reasons and it can often carry some of the most important emails within the account such as, business, banking, doctor and other types of information. Losing your Gmail account can be rather damaging. Its very important and crucial to your gmail account to execute a good backup plan in order to secure your precious emails. You can backup your account quickly with Google Takeout.

Backup Gmail emails with Google Takeout

Google Takeout is way to backup your Gmail emails and it  creates a copy of your entire Google Account for you. Also this will include your Gmail data. Here’s how to use it and, what to do to get started:


Step 1. Go to the website by typing in the search browser’s Address box. You may want to sign in to your Google account, if you’re not already signed into your account. Also you have to sign in before you can use the Google Takeout utility. If you’re signed into your account, the Google Takeout screen will automatically appear for you:The Google


Takeout screen is handy with Gmail email for helping with backups and you should use Google Takeout for all of Gmail email account backups.


Step 2. Navigate the scroll bar located on the right-hand side of the screen. You want to scroll down while viewing the list of data that you can back up while using the utility:

Backup Google Data with Google Takeout

When configuring to backup your Gmail email account, always make sure located at the right is the slider. You’ll get to see the various types of data that you’ll be able to access with your Google account.


Step 3. Next you need to make sure to Slide the Gmail slider that’s located on the right-hand side of the screen, to the right, which will back up your Gmail account. Also, if you click the down arrow on the left-hand side of the slider, it will expand the screen and then you can further refine the different parts of your Gmail you’d like to back up:

Choose all or your important Gmail labels to back up. To backup specific Gmail labels in your account, choose one of the following options below:


  1. First, Click on the toggle located next to Include all your mail to backup your Gmail emails in your account.


  1. Then, Click on the toggle button located next to Select labels tand this will bring up a screen which will let you choose which Gmail labels/folders that you wish to back up.

Step 4. When you have completed selecting the different data types to backup, proceed to click on the Next button which is located on the bottom left-hand side of the screen. You’ll be using the  Customize archive format screen which displays different backup formats:


File type: Normally the Default file type for your archive file is .zip. The you can Click down to choose the .tgz file type. The .tgz may be a bit more difficult for users to use as opposed to the .zip file.


Archive size: If you’re familiar with email platforms most of the time the maximum file archive size is about 50GB. You can Click down to choose the following file sizes: 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 10GB or 50GB depending on the amount of archive space needed.


Delivery method: Your archived data will happen through the delivery method. Proceed to Click down to choose between receiving an email download link such as, a file on Google Drive, Dropbox, or even a file on OneDrive.

Step 5. After you’ve finished selecting the best archive format options for you, then click the Create Archive button located in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.

  1. You’ll need to follow the instructions carefully in the email to access all of your archived Gmail emails.


There are various ways to backup your Gmail email account, but you might not understand how to do this or what the options are. In this article you will learn several different ways to backup your Gmail email account. Also in the article you will find out how to use Google Takeout  so that you can use it for securely backing up your data. Everyone should have peace of mind when it comes to their email accounts.


There’s the dreaded thought of having to think about backing up your data one day. However, data is often times lost and if you receive the user error message, you will need to act quickly to backup your information. If you’ve spent some time before you use any backup system, just know that you may risk losing all of your information forever. For further ways to backup your Gmail email, to backup your Gmail email account there are different options but we are sharing with you  the quickest way to do it.