Everyone would be better off if they could cut out all the unnecessary, unproductive activities in their day and focus their time on valuable activities. Here are some of our best ideas for Gmail productivity tips. We hope they help you out!

1. Use a Spelling and Grammar Checker

Want to save time and save face by making sure all your emails have the correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation? You can use free online tools like SpellChecker for Chrome, Grammarly, Ginger, or WhiteSmoke.

You can download browser extensions by going to the Chrome Web Store, searching for the extension you want, and clicking “Add to Chrome.”

2. Use Canned Responses

Do you often find yourself sending the same email over and over? Save it as a canned response so you can reply with just the click of a button! Canned responses don’t have to be depersonalized, either. You can edit them before you hit send, and you’ll still save time rather than typing out the whole thing.

Create canned responses by going to Gmail settings, clicking “Labs,” searching for “Canned” and selecting “Enable.”

3. Set Up Contact Groups

Many people regularly send emails to a group of co-workers. Instead of typing in each email address, you can set up a contact group. That way, you just have to enter the group name in the “To” field instead of making sure you type in everyone’s name or email address.

It’s easy: Go to “Contacts,” find the “Choose New Group” option, create a name for your group, and then add the contacts you want to be in that group.

4. Make Your Inbox Beautiful

You might be more inspired to be productive if your Gmail inbox looks nice. You can choose from thousands of themes for your inbox, from solid color backgrounds to photographs or art.

Simply go to Settings, Themes, Set Theme, and then choose the theme that speaks to you!

5. Use the Priority Inbox Setting

Instead of your emails being listed in chronological order from when they were received, it might be helpful for your emails to be automatically sorted by their priority. With Priority Inbox, your important and unread emails always appear at the top. Your Starred emails are listed next. And finally, everything else.

Enable this setting by going to Gmail Settings, clicking on the Inbox tab, and selecting “Priority Inbox” under Inbox Type.

6. Get the Unroll.me Extension

Subscription emails are a fact of life. Sometimes you want them—sometimes you don’t. Unroll.me is a great tool that allows you to get a list of all your subscription emails instantly. You can get them in a daily or weekly roundup—in other words, a single email that shows you all your subscriptions instead of constantly having them trickle into your inbox!

Get it at unroll.me—it’s free!

  1. Use the “Remove Formatting” Button
    Do you ever copy/paste anything into the body of an email and get annoyed that there are different fonts or weird formatting within the email? There’s an instant solution! On the very far right side of the formatting toolbar, you’ll see a little button that looks like “Tx.” That will remove all the formatting in the email!

We hope our top 7 Gmail productivity tips help you!