For the millions of people who love the idea of using the Gmail interface in many aspects may look for way to use their Gmail with the own domain for free. Sometimes using the doesn’t look very professional and looks very amateur, especially if your trying to make your domain appear as if it has some substance. I’m sure there are many different solutions for setting up your own domain on Gmail for the long-term. If you opt to sign up for Google for Nonprofits, this solution is free for you to set up you domain on Gmail.

I highly recommend Google for Nonprofits because it’s advantageous for handling small business to larger enterprise-level IT issues. I can assure you this is the best free option to making an effective domain on Gmail and you can sign up here. If you’re not look to set up a domain for Nonprofit purpose the other way to do it is to purchase the G Suite. This option is not free and will be for the long term with you purchasing an account paying monthly fees for a year. You can sign up for G Suite and get a free 14 day free-trial to get a feel for how to use G Suite. If you want to use G Suite the process may be slightly different, but I am going to show you how to do it the free way and not using G Suite.

Create a Gmail account for your custom domain

First of all, if you don’t have a Gmail account and have figured that you want to use the email client for setting up a domain on Gmail, you’ll need to setup a an account. Most likely if you’re trying to setup a domain on Gmail, you already have a Gmail account. You could use your Gmail account for your Nonprofit email, but you need to be aware that it’s best to keep your emails well managed and orderly in many aspects, such as keep your business and personal emails separated while using this service. This will make this a whole lot simpler, especially if you’re wanting to upgrade to Google for Nonprofits. In the event that you don’t have a Gmail account signup here.

Create a custom email for your account and forward it

Definitely if you don’t have one, you’ll need a web-host, which includes an email hosting system. If the web host doesn’t have an email hosting system, make sure that it at least has at least and email forwarding system incorporated into the web hosting service. If you’re hosted by Top web hosting sites like Bluehost, 1and1 or GoDaddy you’ll definitely get a email hosting services incorporated into you web hosting system. Below are some simple instruction to follow for how to create email for the specific web hosting interfaces. If you don’t have any of these services you’ll need to create one or use a service like them.


  • First login the “Bluehost” account
  • Beneath hosting section, click on “Email Link”
  • Click “Forwarding Link:
  • Click “Add Email” button
  • Enter the email address that you’d would like to use for email forwarding. For example, ( and you’ll always use .org for a Nonprofit organization.
  • Use your Gmail to send the forwarded email
  • The click “Submit”


  • For 1and1 You have to Log into the “Control Panel”
  • Select “Relevant Package”
  • Then click “Manage Email Addresses link” in “Mail Panel”
  • Click “Set Up Forwards Link” in the right corner of the page
  • Then choose a “Name and Domain for forwarding address
  • Then type your Gmail into the “Forward Box”
  • Lastly “Click Save”


  • Login to GoDaddy account
  • Click on “Your Name” located in the right corner of the page
  • Select “My Products” in the “Dropbox”
  • Click the “Manage” button beside the “Workspace Email”
  • Click on “Create Forward”
  • Beneath “Forward This Email Address, then type the select address for forwarding
  • Beneath “To These Email Addresses,” add your Gmail email
  • Then click “Create”

If you have a different web hosting service the techniques may be a little bit different than what examples I have provided above. Also you’ll want to keep in mind when make an email for forward you’ll have to make an .org email address in ore to link your Gmail account address too. Despite whatever hosting you use, you should be able to get comprehensive directions for setting up your account and adding your Gmail to it for a custom domain email address forwarding system.

Enabling your Gmail to send as

This step is going to enable you to send email as using the “Gmail’s SMTP servers:”

  • First go to Gmail’s settings
  • If you’re able to enable “Weaker Security Apps,” then do so
  • If you received an error
  • Create an app-specific password
  • Then return to “Gmail”
  • Click the “Gear Icon”
  • Then “Settings”
  • Click “Accounts and Import”
  • Then “Add Another Email” address in the Send mail as section
  • Then enter your name and
  • Allow treat as an alias
  • Then Next Step, Enter the following credentials:

SMTP Server:
Username: The part of your gmail address that comes before “”
Password: Your Gmail or App-specific password
Port: 587
Secure connection using: TLS

Finalizing your setup

As you’re finishing up this process, once you’ve done everything right, you’re going to then receive an email at your Gmail address with a verification link. Be sure to click on it to verify the email address so that you can enable your new forwarding address. After you’ re returned to the “Settings” page, please make sure to click on “Make Default” located directly next to your new, custom email. Furthermore, you may want to test the email address out by sending someone like a friend or family an email to check and see how your outgoing messages will appear in the received inbox. Then you can have them send you a return message that will confirm your incoming email message. Finally, you’re all set! Now you have setup a custom domain on Gmail.