Gmail is one of the best and leading free email services that much of the world uses. With millions of users, using Gmail provides users with tons of features that makes the each email experience more productive. When using Gmail you can make labels for your emails, filter emails, chat, make phone calls, change themes to one you like and so much more. Its very advantageous having a Google Gmail account as the free email inbox allows you a large capacity up to 15 GB just for your emails.

When email first became available to the world, the growth was very limited in the fact that people were only allowed to invite a limited number of friends to open an account, but Gmail has came a long way as it is now accessible to everyone looking to open a free email account with tons great features. There are many reasons to open a Gmail account, whether it’s for personal, business or educational uses.

Solid app and cool themes

Gmail as an app does a great job at helping users to take advantage of all of it’s essential solid app features to make emailing more productive. The Gmail app is highly easy to use and users have the power to tailor their inboxes to which they think is most suitable for them. Email provides functionality at users fingertips every time they log in to use Google Gmail. IF users want to search for and find specific emails they can just type in the right and most proper keywords for finding the email. By search in the magnifying glass icon, users just type in keywords that’s linked to an email they are searching for and Google will generate mail options closest to the keywords to help users easily find their email.

Google has awesome themes and enables users to change up the theme of their inboxes to make it more customized and fun for use. With the Google Gmail themes, users can change the background and colors of their inboxes. Using Gmail users can also create their own themes and share their custom themes with other Gmail users. Themes for Google Gmail is a standard feature that any user can take advantage of for changing the style of their Gmail inbox.

Plenty of storage space

Gmail provides users 15 free GB’s space for email storage. 15 GB’s are great for people who have a large influx of emails that comes through their inbox daily. With a large storage capacity for plenty of emails this helps people to keep their Gmail email inboxes for a longer period of time and gives people the ability the manage their inbox to maintain the storage space. If users manage their Gmail inbox accounts, the 15 GB of storage will provide an extremely productive email inbox for a long time without having to worry about running out of inbox space.

Threaded messages

Users that have used other email services knows that they weren’t really impressive in many aspects. Gmail is an unique email service that allows users to group all of their conversations together so they don’t have do go in and out of different emails to find synced conversations. Gmail’s thread feature makes it easy to check an email with many different conversations whether they are link or not to the same person in your email conversation. Thanks to Gmail, they have paved the way for email threading which has become more popular with different email services. However, Gmail’s threaded emails are still the best with features for a free email service.

Different tabs and sorting options

Google has given various different options for helping users to manage Gmail emails. For example, users have a wide variety of different tabs to use at their disposal. Gmail provides users the use of tabs to automatically sort the different types of emails that comes through the inbox. With Google Gmail you have three main types of inboxes, the primary, social and promotions inboxes. Your primary inbox is the inbox that is considered the most important of the three for person to person conversations. The social inbox is where users will get all of their social media site emails such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many more social media platforms.

Through the last main inbox, which is the promotions inbox this is where users receive all of their emails from all of the retails and even marketing emails that they may or may not have subscribed to. These inbox tabs are enabled through Google Gmail by default. However, users can enable additional tabs if that is what they prefer to do with their inbox. Users can even choose the option to get rid of all the tabs and have their emails go to their main inbox with their person to person conversations.

Users can also manually sort their email messages into a variety of different labels that they create themselves. Messages with tab labels can be marked as important with different tags. The Algorithms that Google has in it’s system already sends emails with importance, but users can manually mark the email with a star to show the emails importance for whichever emails they think are important. Users can star and email by selecting the star icon that’s inside or next to the email conversations in their default inboxes.

G-Suite; Chat, Google Hangouts and Google Drive integration

One of the great features about Gmail is that users can chat with the friends like an instant messenger. Also users can chat with friends via video through using the Google Hangouts feature. These features are highly convenient, especially when you need to have a conversation regarding an email. With Gmail users can insert their files into an email using the Google Drive integration. This is one of the most useful features, especially if you’re working on Google Docs and may have exceed the file upload limit for attachments. Using the Google Drive Integration is a great way for users to upload attachment that may go over the 25 MB upload limit.

While there are many free email service options out there, there are many that can sway users to choose their email service over Gmail due their limited features. Gmail as a leading email service has everything users could possibly need for a comprehensive and free to use email account. Gmail benefits everyone in many ways from larger storage to it’s modern sleek interfaces.