Setting up a Gmail account on your Android phone provides you seamless Google features on your phone. With the Google account you can easily log into various applications, online games, YouTube and other social media accounts. Having a Gmail account will enable you to automatically login to many integrated account platforms with ease. Reading further will show your the essential steps for setting up a Gmail account on your Android phone.

Setting up a Gmail account on your Android phone

1. Open settings

  1. To begin setting up your Gmail account on your Android phone, first you’ll need to open the app drawer in your Android phone device.
  2. Then you’ll have to navigate to the “Settings” box.
  3. The “Settings” box may resemble and equalizer box or a gear wheel, Click on it.

2. Access the “Accounts and Syncs” Menu

  1. Navigate your way through “Settings” and select the “General Tab.”
  2. Scroll down to the “Accounts and Sync” option.
  3. Click on the “Accounts and Sync” option to open it.

3. Prepare to start a new Google Gmail account or add and existing account

  1. Located at the bottom of the “Accounts and Sync” page, you have to tap on the “Add Account” option.
  2. On the page following “Add Account” you will notice a variety of accounts that can be linked to and/or create accounts on.
  3. Tap on the Google option to proceed with the process.
  4. You’ll need to choose the option that best fits your circumstances, when the system asks if the account is being linked to your Android device is and “Existing” or “New” account. If this is your first time starting a Gmail account choose the option “New” and if you already have an account that can be synced, choose the option for “Existing.”

4. Fill out the information forms to proceed

As you’re Google Gmail account signup process continues, you will have to go through a series of forms and fill the different forms in. These are the pages that appears in the app for setting up your Gmail account. To navigate your way through the list just tap on the “Left” and “Right” facing arrows to go forward and backwards through the different form lists.

  1. The first will ask you to enter your “First” and “Last” name and then you’ll have to tap the “Right” arrow to proceed to the second form.
  2. Enter your desired username into the next field which will show “@gmail”.com.
  3. Tap on “Next” so that the Google system can check and see if your desired Gmail username is already taken. If the username is already taken the Google will generate a list of options for you choose a different user name.
  4. If your username is taken, you have to type a new account name at the top of the page. If you opt to choose a generated name from the pop-up box, you can tap on any of the generated names and proceed to setup your account.
  5. Type in your desired password. Generally, using Capital letter, numbers and characters makes your Gmail passwords stronger and harder for hacker to access.
  6. The next page is the Google password recovery page.
  7. Add your best recovery options to receive your password in case you forget it.
  8. If you don’t have a recovery option for your password tap “Not Now” and proceed.
  9. Click on the “Right” arrow to proceed.

5. Accept the Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

After you’ve filled out all the essential forms that are need to establish your Google Gmail account, you will be presented the option to accept Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. After you have read through the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, tap “I Accept” to proceed. “Google Service” nearing the completion of your Gmail account, you will be asked by the system to “Keep Me Up To Date With News And Offers From Google Play” and you can keep the boxed check if you wish to receive the information or you can uncheck the option.

6. Authenticating your account

The google system will generate a captcha. In this captcha it is necessary for you enter the number and/ or letters of the captcha to authenticate your Google Gmail account. Authenticating your account helps Google to know that you are not a robot trying to make a false account for spamming or corrupting other Gmail accounts.

7. Saving your “New” Google Gmail account

In the required fields for the captcha the information is necessary for saving your new account. the captcha is crucial to saving your account. Type in the information and then proceed to the next process.

8. You can set up other seamless Google options

After you’ve created your Google Gmail account, you can certainly setup other Google options that are beneficial to getting access to other much need applications.

  1. A Google setup option you choose to setup is Google+. You can upgrade your Gmail account to Google+. You can also select the option to sign into Google+ through signing into your regular Google Gmail account.
  2. You can setup your payment information for your Google account. You can set up payment options on your Gmail account to make future purchases from the Google Play Store application. You can add a choice of information like your paypal, debit, credit information or any other payment information that you’ll want to add to your Google Gmail account.
  3. Set up your Google account sync options for you Google Gmail account. This last step allows you to sync necessary information to your Android device. Check and/ or uncheck boxes to choose what information that you want to sync.
  4. Click the “Right: arrow to proceed in completing the setup.

The steps to setting up your Gmail account on your Android phone is fairly simple process, when you have the right steps guiding you. Setting up a Gmail account on your Android phone is beneficial for you to check your email while you’re on the go. A Gmail account is very useful for getting you logged into various platforms like YouTube, games and many other social media pages, even online job platforms integrate Google sign in accounts to access their websites.