Visit, click Sign up. This will open the “Set Schedule” page.
**** If you haven’t signed up, you’ll be directed to Google sign in process.

Step 1: Under Set Schedule, Click Enable (to turn on the schedule)
Step 2: Choose the Days you want in the schedule to be effective
Step 3: Enter the Start time
Step 4: Enter the End time (leave it blank if you don’t want to turn it off / to let it run all day )
Step 5: Enter the Fetch time/s you want your email to be delivered to your inbox
Step 6: Save your schedule

Step 7: To add a new schedule, click on Add Schedule button, this will let you enter another schedule to fetch your email.
Step 8: Turn on/off the DND app manually, click the button under Manual
Step 9: To Fetch your email manually, click on Fetch Email

Step 10: Email addresses added under Sender Whitelist will be delivered to your inbox at all times. To add an email address, type the email address and click Save.
Step 11: Label Whitelist, will let emails with the label you selected to be delivered to your inbox at all times. To add labels, click Edit.

Step 12: It will lead you to a page where you can select the labels. Select the labels you want to be whitelisted, then click Save.