I recommend turning on do not disturb for your inbox. That will keep your inbox silent and you will only have new messages on the schedule you set.

  1. Install the Chrome Extension: Do Not Disturb for Gmail. If you don’t use Chrome, you can still turn it on manually.

2. Click the TURN DND ON button that is now in your Gmail:

3. Fill out the FETCH TIMES in the pop-up. These are the times you want your email delivered to your inbox. For example, you may only want your messages delivered at 8AM and 4PM. Other than those times, no new messages will come into your inbox. Then click the ENABLE button.

4. That is it — do not disturb is now enabled on your Gmail inbox. You can click FETCH in the blue bar to get your messages at any time. Or, use the TURN OFF button to disable do not disturb.