Why are you spending so much time checking email?

We spend around 28% of our time in the office in our inboxes. Don’t think that is too bad? How about 40% of us check work emails at least five times a day outside of working hours. What? Why would we do that?

Technostress — Its a Thing, Look It Up

It is not healthy. “This ‘always on’ culture of emails is killing people,” says Professor Sir Cary Cooper, an organisational psychologist at Manchester Business School. “It leads to worry, anxiety, depression, and physical ill-health. There’s a whole field now called technostress, and the evidence is that unconstrained emails, where there is no guidance by employers, are damaging for people’s health.”

Enforced Unplugging

Governments and businesses are beginning to respond: in January 2017, French employees had their “right to disconnect” from work emails made law. Uwe Hück of Porsche dictated that emails sent to workers outside of working hours should be returned to sender.

But do those rules on time just limit peoples’ freedom? Do they find workarounds?