As one of the leading email services over a billion people use Gmail. Gmail is the top used emailing service for professionals, students and people from all walks of life throughout the world. For more effective Gmail accounts there’s a variety of different extensions that will help users to better control their Gmail accounts. For enhancing productivity using Gmail, these great extensions mentioned below will provide users the ability to organize their inboxes, track emails, follow-up with important emails and much more.

Use Gmelius for Gmail to enhance your inbox interface

Gmelius is an email application that integrates with Gmail and makes your inbox more productive in scheduling, shared templates, email notes, snoozing, free email tracking and much more. Gmelius is a free and premium application that is available for Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. This application provides users the ability to enhance their Gmail interface. Gmelius has a variety of customizable options for users to pick when changing their email to the way the want it. When installing the extension people can customize their Gmail by scheduling emails for sending later, integrate a to-do-list into their Gmail, enable message snoozing, read receipts can be returned and convert an email into a calendar event for Google calendar.

Users can also block noises from Google ads, and block detected email tracking attempts, compose emails using hashtags and change the way your inbox looks. Gmelius is a simple and easy to use Gmail extension. Gmelius provides a sizeable variety of setting options that users can tweak for a more customized Gmail inbox. With 21 different settings, they are divided into three categories in which the settings can be changed by category. The inbox, message and compose sections of the Gmail account can be changed to suit your needs for emailing. Gmelius is a web extension that allows users to take full control over their Gmail inboxes.

Drag App for an organized and productive Gmail inbox

Drag App is an app that helps people to keep their inboxes organized and more productive. Made for Gmail users, the specific functions of this app provides the ability to keep people proactive in the organization of their emails. Drag App was made to enhance the way people organize their emails. The Drag App is much similar to the Trello platform, just allowing you email customization. You’ll be able to customize columns of cards putting them on your to-do-list, putting them in progress or completing them. Users are able to keep track of emails that need attention and see where the email is in the stage of needed attention.

Drag App is the perfect solution for people who have an abundance of task-oriented emails. People can suitably turn their email inboxes into much more manageable spaces. Drag App has three different plans for people to choose from which are free and pro and team,which users have to pay monthly subscriptions. Having many folder and labels for email organization can overwhelm users and their inboxes. Drag App gives the best possible solution for keeping the email organized with great visual aspect. It is beneficial to keeping users productive and their email as orderly as possible.

RocketBolt for tracking Gmail emails

RocketBolt is the ideal email tracking extension for Gmail. With RocketBolt users can get real-time feeds which will help simplify visualized lead activity which is a strategic advantage for sales peoples. Users can install RocketBolt for Gmail for lead tracking, email and monitoring feeds. Aside from the obvious tracking emails, users can also track links in the email as well reopens. For tracking emails RockBolt is the perfect options, especially if users need frequency in tracking emails. RocketBolt provides a free monthly plan for users that allows users to track up to 100 emails. It is geared towards Gmail users, but Outlook users can track emails for an upgraded account and paid monthly plan. RocketBolt is a great option for free tracking of Gmail email, links and reopens.

Manage multiple accounts with Checker Plus for Gmail

Checker Plus provides users the ability to manage multiple accounts. Checker Plus is a free extension that enables users to see all of their accounts. It also provides users voice features, pop-up window previews and a convenient interface for checking their messages. Checker Plus provides many necessary functions as an extension on the Chrome toolbar. It shows an unread message counter for users unread emails. Checker Plus enables users to see all of their messages in the inbox, they can archive them, open them directly in Gmail and so much more.

Checker also chimes and alert and reads aloud any information about the user’s email, if they are not close to the computer. With that being said, people are picky about the way they receive their email and are able to control it. Checker Plus allows people to customize with enabling and disabling features that they don’t want to use, such as chimes, text/speech and certainly pop-up notifications. Users are able to let Checker Plus know which labels to monitor and which ones to alert them about. Additionally, users can customize different color schemes for many of the features.

Streak CRM for Gmail

Streak is a customer relationship management(CRM) for Gmail. Streak enables users to organize and collect data of the individual sent emails. The CRM for Gmail tracks when sent emails are opened and read by users. Streak’s process for organizing emails is so that it is easier for users to manage their email campaigns since Streak directly integrates with Gmail. Streak functions by allowing a simple one-click install that embeds within Gmail. Users can create an email chain that is simple for tracking when messages are sent out.

With a pipeline framework, they are detailed at the expected flow of tasks that any user will accomplish in an email. Streaks default pipelines are crucial for the process and data fields in the email task. When the pipeline is created, users can begin to add email chains while assigning the chain with necessary steps for the process. Then users can add any information. Streak users can add company information, any position they’ve applied for and other pertinent notes. If users opt to track other fields or steps, they can add it to the already existed pipeline or create a new pipeline. Streak user can sign up for a 14-day free trial and/or pay their monthly subscription.