Since you can only have one Gmail account for each Gmail account that you set up, it is a quick and simple set up to get a Gmail account up and running. With that being said, you are enabled to set up more than one Gmail account if necessary, just on separate set up accounts. In order to create a brand new Gmail account, you definitely have to create a new Google account for Gmail.

If you have any existing accounts for Google that are open you will have to close those accounts out before creating the Gmail new account. You can quickly go through the Google search engine and type the keyword “Gmail account” or go directly to “” for setting up your Google Gmail account. Below is a detailed step by step guide to get you started in setting up a new Gmail account.

1. Choose the option Create Account

Once you have found the Google sign up page through the browser search or directly going to the page link, you will have to click on “Create Account.” The steps are simple for choosing an email that you deem suitable for your daily email use. In order to set up Google mail, Google will need pertinent information from you in order to get your email address functioning.

Step 1: Create your Google Account

2. Creating an email address

Since the information will be linking you to the Google account everytime you gmail login, following these first steps are necessary. First you’ll have to type in your first and last name as it will link you to your Gmail account. To create a user email name you’ll have to choose a name that you want as your email address name. When you type in the name Google will automatically search to see if the username is already in use or not. If the user name is in use already, Google will generate a variety of options in different name combinations some with numbers and/or most likely with an underscore. The email address that you choose will be your username follow by the “” attachment.

3. Choose your password

When choosing a password for Gmail account login, it is best to choose something that is easy to remember but difficult for others to figure out. Choosing a password with 8 characters or more is highly recommended for security purposes. Your password should be in combinations of letters, numbers and different characters for your Google account’s safety. Using combinations of upper and lowercase letters are also recommended as it strengthens the security of your password as well.

4. Verifying your Google Gmail account

To verify your account you will have to type in your birthday with selecting in the drop box your birth month. then you’ll have to type the day and year you were born. Next you will have to choose the standard options of gender, picking the gender male, female; or other or rather not say, if not declared in the drop box selection box. Creating a Gmail new account, when verifying the account you have to enter your mobile number or any alternative email address. This is a great feature just-in-case you happen to forget your email address, Google Gmail can send it to your mobile telephone in a text or you can have it sent to your alternate account that you’ve listed on the new Gmail account. Also add your location of country so that your location will show up on your profile.

5. Set as Default Homepage

This is an optional choice, that you won’t have to do if you don’t want to, but Google by far has one of the best search engines out. When creating a Google mail account you’ll be presented the option of setting Google as a default homepage. The box will come checked but you can uncheck it if you don’t want the Google default homepage. The default homepage is advantageous to have because it already has Gmail on the page and you can sign in through the default homepage. Also you can do much much more on the default homepage.

6. Prove that you are not a Robot

Like most sites now, you have to prove that you are human and not a robot trying to fake create Gmail account. You can check the box to prove you’re not a robot or if you skip the option phone verification is a must. Once you click the box to verify the you are not a robot and in fact human, it will generate a captcha of numbers and/or letter which will have to be typed into a box below to verify a human has typed these numbers and entered them into the system. Last step for this process is to agree to the terms of service. You can take the time to read the Terms of Service or the Privacy Policy from Google before continuing to the next step.

7. Add a Profile photo

This is always an option that you might or might not want to do. However, adding a profile photo makes your Gmail account login more personal and more verifiable. By adding a photo to your gmail account it can also make it seemingly more professional if you have to use it for business purposes. Adding a photo will help people to recognize you and your email address right away.

8. Continue to Gmail

Finally, now that you have set up your Gmail account you can continue onto your Gmail after Gmail signup. You will be directed to a welcome screen, thanking you for creating an account and the option to continue to your Gmail login. Now that you’ve clicked continue you are now ready to sign in and take a tour of your Google Gmail inbox.

Google Gmail is a great a beneficial email to have. Now integrated into many different platforms, you can use Google Gmail to sign into many different sites and social media sites. You can have one or several Gmail accounts for multiple purposes, making professional and non-professional email addresses. Creating a Gmail account is simple and an easy to follow process when you get to the setup page.