Use Do Not Disturb for Gmail as Part of Your Productivity System

The top productivity systems, like GTD or Inbox Zero, advocate both:

  1. Keeping your Inbox empty
  2. AND, only checking your Inbox a few discrete times per day.

That means either keeping your inbox closed or using a Do Not Disturb service for your email.

Gmail does not have a built-in Do Not Disturb (DND) service.

You can reduce overall intrusiveness by turning off notifications in the desktop and mobile applications. On mobile, you can also turn off sync to prevent Gmail from automatically downloading your messages.

However, neither of these can be set on an automatic schedule. Also, both take multiple clicks to turn on or off and there is no easy way to get your email to download if you have turned off sync (without turning sync back on ).

Do Not Disturb for Gmail allows you to easily setup and schedule DND times for your Gmail. The DND applies to both your desktop and mobile Gmail applications. It can be turned on or off on a schedule. You can have it deliver your email to your inbox on a set schedule.

DNDEMail is free and works on both desktop and mobile. You can set up specific schedules to deliver your email to your inbox. You can whitelist senders or labels, so those important emails continue to deliver in real-time while others stay held outside of your Inbox.

Check out the full list of features for DNDEMail or sign up today.